How soon can I get my item?

For banners and yard signs, you will receive your item within 5 to 7 business days after placing the order. With the express upgrade, you can get it as soon as 3 business days after placing the order.

Please note the express upgrade is not available for backdrops with stand.


I like one of your designs but want a few changes. Is that possible?

Absolutely, we love customizing designs, so you can get a unique product. However, this will not be possible with the online customizer. Please contact us and one of our designers will happily do this for you. The fee associated with custom design is:

  • $5 for minor changes

o   Up to 2 changes of the following: change of font, change of color, addition of 1 element, 1 sentence to be added, etc.

  • $10 for major changes

o   3 changes and above of the following: change of font, change of color, addition of 1 element, 1 sentence to be added, etc.

  • $25 for a complete custom design with unlimited revisions (banner, yard sign, backdrop)


I am not tech-savvy. Can you customize my item for me?

We sure can. Please place your order and send us your information in the “Special instructions to seller” box. We will send you a preview of your customized design within 24 hours.

Please note we require approval before proceeding with the printing process.


Do your yard signs come with stakes?

Yes, the stakes are included with all our yard signs for easy installation.


Will my yard sign get damaged with rain or my sprinkler?

No, all our yard signs are weather and water-resistant. They are printed using premium quality, fade-resistant ink. As a result, our yard signs can typically for up to 2 years outside (which well exceeds the usage you plan for your eventJ )


My banner came with some creases. What can I do?

There is two way to remove them.

  • The first one would be to use a heatgun or a hair dryer over the creases remove them.
  • The second option would be put the banner on a 100% flat surface (as an example on the floor) where there is no dust or any other elements that can damage the banner. Then put a large cloth or t-shirt on the banner and use your iron to straighten all the creases. Make sure to only to use the iron on the cloth or t-shirt to avoid any damage.

    When using the iron, test it on a small part of the banner before moving to the rest.