What is Digital InvitationsA digital invitation, an e-invitation and a printable invitation are the same thing; it is your party invitation, customized with your party details but in a digital format. Once you (or we) have edited the invitation with the name, age, address, rsvp, you can download it directly from our partner Corjl in a jpeg format, just like photos. Haven’t tried it yet? You can try it for free here .

Depending on your preference, you can then:
  • email the party invitation,
  • text it
  • or print it right away on your home printer.
A digital invitation is like having a graphic designer design a personalized party invitation for you without the premium price tag. You have instant access to the customized invitation, so you can choose between emailing, texting or printing the invite on your home printer.

If you are looking for higher quality prints, you have 2 other options:

Our hassle-free “Print & Ship” option: We offer you the option of printing and shipping the invitations to your doorstep. For this option, please add the listing “Print & Ship” when adding your invitation to your cart.
You can also take your digital invitation to any local print shop or office store to be printed out.

Are you still having some doubts about how it works?

Check out our

Do I need to download any software to edit my invitation or other party printables I purchase?
No, our invitations and party printables are designed to be easy to use for you.

There is no need to download any software. You can access the personalization software directly online. It is easy to use, hassle-free and rapid. You can edit your invitation on your smartphone, your tablet, your PC or Mac.

Once they are edited, you can simply download the invitation (or any other printable), unzip and print. Easy as 1-2-3.
Can I change the text on the party invitation?
You will be able to edit all party information related areas such as the name, age, time and place of the party and the rsvp information.

If you want to change any standard text on the invitation, this is also possible but we will need to do it for you to make sure the text fits in and your invitation still looks perfect! Just add the “Edit for me” listing to your order and let us know the changes you would like to see. We will then email you the invitation or printable item already customized and ready to print.
Can I download the invitation from my phone or tablet?
You can access, edit and download the file on your phone and tablet. If you plan on emailing or texting the invitation, this is perfectly fine.
However, if you are planning to print the invitation and other party supplies, we recommend that you do so on your PC or Mac. This is because you will need to unzip the file. Furthermore, when printing, it is important that you download the invitation in full resolution so that the image is printed out sharp, without any blurriness.
 Can I print as many copies as I want?
Absolutely. There is no additional cost or wastage. You can print as many or as little copies as needed :) 


How do I print a digital invitation?

You have 3 options to print your digital invitation or party printable:

  • We can print your item and ship it to your doorstep. Choose the “Print & Ship” listing to your cart when placing your order of the invite.

  • You can print it on your home printer.

  • You can print it at any local print shop or office supplies store. Many of our customers choose to print at Walmart, Walgreens or CVS.

Whatever option you choose for printing, just know that we stand by to help you anytime.

Do you have any recommendations to print the invitation/party printable?

For best results in terms of print quality and colors, we do recommend you print your invitation or any other party printable at your local print shop/ office supply store or with us. This is because they/we have laser printers that are calibrated for professional print results. You can also choose the type of paper finish you would like for the invitation. 

That being said, you can print the invitation on your home printer. Here are a few advices so you can totally rock it!

What paper do you recommend for printing the invitation/party printable?

Before printing your invitation or other printable, keep in mind that not all “paper is paper”. The better the paper quality, the more awesome your invitation or party printable will look. When purchasing your paper, it is thus best to invest in a paper of higher quality. 

White cardstock paper

For invitations, thank you cards and favor tags, you will definitely want to use white cardstock. This is the best option for DIY invitations. Please keep in mind that even if you are choosing a dark background design such as a chalkboard party invitation, this will need to be printed on white cardstock. The reason is that home printers and most office supplies store do not have the option to print with white ink.

Now, with regards to the weight of the cardstock you need to choose, the thicker the cardstock, the better your printable invitation will look and feel. This being said, you will however need to choose a cardstock that can go in your home printer (if you are planning to print the invitation yourself).

For DIY invitations, we would recommend at least 80 lbs cardstock (216 gsm) for good results. You could go with the 100 lbs (270 gsm) but if you are printing at home, you would need to check your printer specifications ( in terms of printing and paper weights) to make sure that the paper does not get stuck while printing.

Click here to download your FREE guide to change your printer settings when printing your invitation at home.

Matte Photo Paper

This is a high quality option, especially ideal if you are planning to print a photo invitation. It is similar to printing at places like Walmart, Walgreens or CVS. We personally prefer the matte finish. It has less glare and it reflects light in a less harsh way than the glossy photo paper.

Glossy Photo Paper

Again, this is just a matter of personal preference. If you would like your invitation to have a glossy finish, you can opt for glossy photo paper. Your party invitation will look shiny and will reflect light.

Full Sheet Label Paper

That is just one of our favorites because it is so versatile! Plus, both children and adults always love stickers. With label papers, you can turn any of our printable party supplies into a sticker. This works great for favor tags, candy bar wrappers, cupcake toppers, seal stickers for envelopes, etc. 


How do I cut my digital invitation or party printable?

If you are printing at a photo lab such as Walmart or Walgreens, you won’t need to cut the invitation. This is because it will be developed as a photo (either in 4x6 or 5x7, depending on what you chose when placing the order).

However, if you are printing at home and want a professional and clean cut, you can use a paper trimmer for printable items with straight edge. This includes invitations, thank you cards and favor tags. You can alse use a paper cutter knife and use a ruler as a guide when cutting.

Another option that works for everyone is a pair of high quality scissors. Large scissors will work best for large items like invitations. For smaller items that require detailed cutting, e.g. favor tags or cupcake toppers/wrappers, smaller scissors will be an ideal choice.

For round printables such as cupcake toppers, seal stickers, you will find cutting easier with a circle craft punch/ paper punch. You can find craft punches of various dimensions in any crafts/scrapbooking store or even online.

This is such a fun activity that your children will love to help you out too!